The Alexis hoodie – Pattern testing/ review

It is no secret that i love Sinclair patterns. This is my third pattern test for the lovely Oxanna Sinclair and every time i use one of her patterns i am never disappointed. Spoiler alert! The Alexis hoodie is no exception.

Alexis Hoodie 3

I am super happy with this make – partly because it is super cozy. I picked up this Sweatshirt knit from Tia Knight fabrics for only £2.99 pm. I was a little unsure about the quality i would get for this kind of price but to put it simply, it is PHENOMENAL! It is a tubular width fabric, which i have never used before, but i was pleasantly surprised by it. It was much easier to wash/ dry and was perfect for cutting patterns such as the Alexis, that have lots of pieces to cut on the fold.

The pattern comes in the hugely impressive size range US 0 – US 22, in three different heights petite (5”1 – 5”3), regular (5”4 – 5”6) and tall (5”7 – 5”9).  With a difficulty of 3/10 it is beginner friendly with very easy to follow steps. This is a relatively quick make, i think i managed it in about 3 hours once all of the pieces were cut. However it could probably take less time for more experienced sewers. The only part i lined was the pocket facing, i opted to leave the sleeve attachments off so that i could alternate a long sleeve tee, to change up the overall look. The only adjustments i made was to make it more of a slimmer fit as this was more flattering for my body shape.

Alexis hoodie

For some unknown reason i opted to topstitch the majority of the seams down with my twin needle to try and create a cover stitched look. Urgh topstitching is the worst, but it looks pretty professional so was worth the extra hassle. Sadly my favorite twin needle didn’t make it over the bulky shoulder/hood seam. RIP twin needle, you have served me well!

Another one bites the dust!

Would i make this pattern again? For sure. In fact, i am already planning a second. This is my go to weekend friendly outfit at the moment. I can see myself wearing this more often as the cold British winter sets in. Perfect for a casual dresser with comfort in mind!

If you would like to check out the pattern for yourself it is available from the Sinclair website at:

Happy Sewing! x

5 thoughts on “The Alexis hoodie – Pattern testing/ review

    1. Thanks Kelly! 🙂 Its not quite cold enough to wear it yet but cant wait to snuggle up in this when it does. Its typical that we had only just started getting along and it decides it has had enough. I have ordered more, so fingers crossed i will be able to start a second one soon!

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  1. I love it! I have yet to try a Sinclair pattern but have been wanting to. perhaps i’ll go ahead and grab this one. Isn’t it great to find a cheap yet great quality fabric? It’s like finding a hidden gem. Your dress is beautiful!

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